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Samuel L. Jackson
Dummy Content
WordPress Plugin

This simple Plugin creates random Posts/Pages with quotes from Samuel L. Jackson. It's purpose is to help with debugging new themes and HTML elments, although it's just a lot of fun to play around with!

Generates content, Featured Images (and associated Media Attachments), inline HTML tags, block-level HTML tags and inserts YouTube videos.


Download and install the Plugin just as you would any other WordPress Plugin.

Installing Plugins from the WordPress Codex


  1. After installing and activating the Plugin, navigate to Tools > SLJ Dummy Content Generator.

  2. Select the number of Posts and/or Pages you'd like generated.

  3. Click "Generate Content".

  4. ???

  5. Profit.

  6. To remove all Posts, Pages and Media generated by the plugin, simply click "Delete Generated Content".


Why isn't this in the Plugins Repository?

Two reasons: 1. It's R-rated, and 2. It contains tons of copyrighted images, so use at your own peril.

Why is this plugin so huge?

It contains lots of fun images. If you want to reduce its size, just delete some of the images. The plugin will compensate automatically.


ver 1.0


SLJ Dummy Content Settings Page

Settings Page

Preview of Blog listing

Blog Preview


This Plugin is written and maintained by johnregan3.